Monday, February 20, 2017

Art Gallery Fabric's Stitched Sew Along

Happy Monday!

I always love these Art Gallery Fabric Sew Alongs 
with the Fat Quarter Shop!

It's a wonderful to take a free pattern from
Kimberly at Fat Quarter Shop!

Have you explored any of these sew alongs in 
the past?
Every time I play along, I am always pleasantly 
pleased with the feel of AGF's fabric. 
They are so soft and silky but sturdy with no fraying!

Image result for lagom fabric

This is the group of fabric I used.
it's a Swedish word that means 
just the right amount!

You can see the tutorial for Filigree here:

The link for the free Filigree Pattern is here.

It's simple to construct ...
even though it looks a little complicated.

I like to pre-starch my fabrics for easier 
construction and it's really helpful with bias edges too!

I just love the way it turned out!
I wanted more of a neutral palate with 
a small pop of color to add the pizazz.

I was absolutely in love with the large print that I had chosen
for my backing fabric.
So, I omitted the blocks around the center square
to showcase the fabric and I think it 
also showcased the block design.

I think you will have fun with the Filigree pattern
and here is the link to Art Gallery Fabrics
if you want to see some fun eye candy!

I need to go see what everyone else is making using
the Filigree Pattern!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Midweek Mosaic: Hang It Up

We are only a few weeks away from Daylight Savings Time...
and Spring is just around the corner from there!

I will look forward to hanging things out to dry again.

All photos are from my Pinterest board here.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Plates and Sweetie Pies

Right now I can't even find the pattern for this project...
but I think I can figure the setting out.
I just need to sew those circles on and
that should get me to the assembly stage!

It looks like Sunday was dedicated to working on old abandoned projects.
It feels good to get them out and try to get them finished... 
I have procrastinated for soooo long!

Here is another Dresden style project that has been neglected!

This was the main motivation...

I have been watching the Sweetie Pie Sew Along 
with Lori Holt on 
Instagram... and this one was a pattern of 
hers that I started, and stopped, 
and restarted... and then stopped. 
I needed more Sew Cherry fabric 
but the line had been here and gone for quite a while...

but now... this fabric line has been remade, so no excuses for
trying to get this finished!
The pattern had plain centers and cherry applique but I 
saw it was a great opportunity to use the floral fabric and skip
the applique. 
I will be making little daisy flowers to place in the sashing area..

Here is a photo of the free pattern!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Classic & Vintage Jacobs Ladder Quilt Along!

I have been enjoying some special sewing time!

I was able to join up 
with something new from

Jacob's Ladder Quilt Kit Featuring Reflections by Jo Morton

On their You Tube channel today
 you will see
a brand new video 
Jacobs Ladder 
Quilt Along.
The newest in their 
Classic and Vintage 
quilt series.

This Jacobs Ladder
is a free pattern
 and Kim has, as usual, 
a great step by step video 
to show you her Jacobs Ladder!
You can find a kit available by clicking here.
There are several bloggers
showing their version of the quilt...
so grab a cup of coffee and get ready for some
eye candy around blog-land!

This was so fun... I have never made a Jacobs Ladder quilt
This traditional quilt has been on my to do list for 
a long time.

I went to my Fig Tree Stash and pulled a small variety of
fabrics... and began cutting!

(I did a little sneak peek of these a couple weeks ago)

The blocks are large and come together
Did I mention... that
you can get the free pattern 

Each block seemed to have it's own little personality!

I have been savoring these leftovers...
and now I don't mind using them because Fig Tree & Co 
is just coming out with a new line with some of these same 
colors called Coney Island!

I am really happy with way this quilt came together...
but I have one last decision...

I thought I was happy without a border.
The pattern and in the video you will see
directions for adding an inner and outer border
to your Jacobs Ladder quilt.

I guess you and I will both see... 
next time!

But in the meantime... check out the other bloggers 
showing their version of Jacobs Ladder...
just click here to see the list and link for
the Quilt Along!

Denise from Pieced Brain
Melissa from Happy Quilting
Melanie from Mostly Crafty
Kim from Persimon Dreams
Jane from from Quilt Jane
Patty from Elm Street Quilts
Sinta from Pink Pincushion
Jacque from Lily Pad Quilting
Charlene from Adventures in Mommy Land
Natalia from Piece N Quilt
Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts
Donna from Donna's Lavendar Nest
Vickie from Spun Sugar Quilts

Darlene from Quilt Shop Gal
Connie from Freemotion by the River

Monday, January 30, 2017

A Month of New Beginnings

We have been having a whole lot of weather 
here at my house! 
I even got a "snow day" off from work.
The roads were just too dangerous...
I got the call
just as I was walking out the front door so
I was very happy that I didn't have to  
go out in this!

So... snow day... translates into 
SEW day!

But before I show you what I have been up to

Here is our newest addition to the family...

her name is Kinsley Elaina

Wasn't it just a week or two ago that I showed a 
sofa filled with our other gran littles? 
Kinsley is #6 and she is just 2 months younger 
than Killian who was born 2 months ago today.

This is just staggering to me! 
So many little blessings! 

So now, I can pause a little and show
the fun little project I started.

This is the beginnings of Flower Patch by

I was going to make it out of Olive's Flower Market
but I decided to dive into my stash...

I am anxious to make some progress on this...
but since just one project isn't enough 
entertainment I
thought I would also keep a promise to myself
and start an embroidery project.

I am barely a beginner so  this will be a good place to 
get my bearings!

I'm using Lori Holt's 
Stitch Fun Embroidery Sampler.
What is a great bonus is that Lori has a 4 part
you Tube video series on how to embroider
using this pattern.


So... That layer cake of  Olive's Flower Market that I 
didn't use for my other project got re-assigned.


The Thimble Blossoms Sampler Quilt Along that
was hosted by Sew Lux last year was
a sew along that I had wanted to participate in but
I just couldn't seem to fit it in.
And I just happen to have the patterns that they used in the 
TB Sampler!

So, thank goodness for snow days... because I got to
play in my sewing room after being absent from
there for the past few weeks!

I'm on a roll now!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Midweek Bookshelf Browsing (with a surprise ending)

Yes, it's true...
there is going to be a new book published by Martingale Publishers
and I think I will be first in line to get it!

(all photos by Brent Kane for Martingale Publishing)

It will be a revisit to some of Carrie's beautiful quilts...

several that I have always wished I had made.

It looks like this book is packed full of wonderful inspiration
like you would expect from Miss Rosie!  

wait, there's more!

There are a couple of other books
 that I have recently gotten my hands on...


This Cottage Style Charm book is so cute!
It has pieced quilts, applique and embroidery projects too!
Everything from pincushions, to tote bags and pillows...
and of course quilts!
Lots of variety and in a style that 
Natalie Bird is known for!

Seriously sweet! 
I am really enjoying looking through this book...
and saving ideas for when I get some time to actually 
play in my sewing room!
I love the little tips in the book too!
 Lots of good hints for your embroidery!!!

This is another fun book...
The author is Karen Burns and it's a 
combination of  designs by your favorite designers.

So since I do love Churn Dash quilts...
I thought I should have a look!

There is a fun little video by Martingale...
I think you will like it!

Image result for I love Churn Dash book images

The book is filled with more than a dozen projects, large and small...

Some great scrappy ideas for Churn Dash blocks too...
because we all made the "promise" didn't we?

~To use our stash this year~

Well, here you go... 
this is a great stash/scrap buster!

Or how about a more modern style...

Image result for I love Churn Dash book images

All of this inspiration
 makes me look forward to the weekend!
So, happy Wednesday... we are getting closer to the weekend...
and you could actually order a book or two and have it by the weekend!

Okay... now for the surprise... all last year I wasn't able
 to comment on blogs that I read. 
I couldn't figure it out.
It had happened to me once before... 
and it took me forever to figure out the issue. 
And since I must not be a fast learner...
 it took me a year to get the problem fixed again.

But I am so excited... because that means
 I can 
leave comments
 on your blog posts once again!

I can't just tell you how frustrating that was! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


A goodbye to 2016!

I am hopeful that 2017 is

a new year and it's filled

with new possibilities! 

Last week I shared my first project for 2017...

Flower Patch pattern by Thimble Blossoms paired
with  Olive's Flower Market fabric.

I am anxious to start it...

especially now that I have a sewing room that has been 
given a deep cleaning!

But there are more temptations out there for new projects.

for several years 
(skipping a year or two here and there)

but this year is the 10th anniversary 

And it will be made with American Jane fabrics!

So, needless to say it has caught my attention.

It you haven't had a look at it yet... here 
are a couple of sneak peaks that the FQS is sharing...

The link above is to the blog post about the BOM.

All that vintage goodness!!!

Another thing on my list for 2017 
to indulge in
painting my furniture...
and first up is my dinning room set.

This chair, at the paint store, 
 looks just like my dining chair... and I have a 
few paint samples on the seat
to pick from... but the decision is difficult!

I think I have it narrowed down to the two samples on the left.
Paris Grey and White.

I'm thinking white should be the table color and the Paris grey will be
the chair color. 
right now.
But, I could change my mind.

Any thoughts?