Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Making Amends

On Monday I shared my First Blush 
quilt project...
I was part of the blog hop
 that is still going on
through next week! 
I have been seeing a lot of fun
 projects using First Blush...
have you been following along?

Other than that...
I have been focused on the last minute details for the retreat I host

This year there are over 50 women
 and the weather should
be fantastic!

It starts Friday...
so, just two more sleeps and it's time!


But while I am getting ready for that...
there is another baby
 shower in my family...
so I have a few assignments
 for that, 
Like these corsages.

It's actually a reveal party...
 we are anxious to know if

we have another boy
 on it's way or
 if it's a girl that will even the score!

I had to do a little sewing for myself in between the other things...

These blocks go together pretty fast!

It didn't take long to get to this!

I have been in love with my October Skies fabric by Verna Mosequera..
and I know it would be perfect for Thimble Blossoms 
Vintage pattern but I kept pushing it to the side...
until now!

What is most special to me about this pattern...
is that long before I ever knew how to quilt I had purchased a vintage 
blue and white quilt... but after I used it and WASHED it...
well, it became shreds. This was the block... I had never known the
name of it... but I made it my mission to figure it out...
I think that is what led me to quilting in the first place.

So, this will finally be my replacement for the one that was lost.
Making amends to the quilter who had made that beautiful blue and white
Album quilt.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Today My Day... For First Blush!

It's time to share this scrumptious fabric line
with you!

I have been waiting and waiting... 
for this blog hop to begin!

I am so in love with this gorgeous group of fabrics
by Ruby Red Designs!
I first noticed it on the Fat Quarter Shop website...
in the Coming Soon section...
there will be a Block of the Month
 starting that looks like so much fun!

Then I was thrilled with I was asked 
to be a part of this blog hop...
because I can think of so many thinks to make with 
this fabric group, First Blush.

What spoke to me right away was how vintage it 
so I grabbed my collection of vintage sheets to see
if they would play well together...

I am in love with Pumpkin Seed blocks and
all the things you can make with them...
and it was about that time I saw a sew along

finishing up on Joanna's blog and I wanted to 
play along... 
(because that's how we get inspired... 
by fabric, designers, and by other bloggers)!

The quilt reminds me of 
my grandmother and fresh hung laundry
on a beautiful fall day.

I decided to make a slightly wavy edge on the border of the
quilt to give it even more charm.

I am so happy to see how it turned out...
but I am also excited to see this blog hop that will be continuing through the 27th of October!

I can't wait to see what everyone else has made!

The fabric is shipping to local quilt shops this month
so be on the lookout for it!

The other fun thing during the blog hop, is that
 there are going to be 
from Windham Fabrics/Baum Textiles, Aurifil Threads
and the Fat Quarter Shop!  
But you might also want to go over to Fat Quarter Shop to
see the new Block of the Month using First Blush
and a pattern by It's So Emma..
It incorporates the special Starburst ruler designed just for 
the Fat Quarter Shop by Creative Grids!

Okay, one more photo of my First Blush quilt...
and then I will share the list of bloggers 
that are in the First Blush Blog Hop!

 October 11 – Sinta at Pincushion (that's me)!

 October 12 -  Fat Quarter Shop

 October 15- Aurifil- Erin Sampson

 October 16- Tina Egner

 October 17 – Kristyne Czepuryk

 October 18 – Allison Harris

 October 19 – Erin Cox

 October 20 – Angie Wilson Gnome Angel

 October 22 – Heidi Staples

October 23 – Leanne Elliott

 October 26 – Stephanie Lynn Denton

 October 27 – Lisa Ruble

Oh, and one more little secret...

I have another 
project planned
 for First Blush too!

I should be starting it by the end of this blog hop!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Patiently Waiting

First Blush will be released next week...
it is such a cute fabric line!

Image result for First Blush fabrics images

I'm sharing a little bit with you now...
but next week there will be lots more to see!

I am getting really excited to show you the full quilt...

but right now 
I am just getting the binding on this,  now that it has been quilted.

I am so excited to been able to play with these fabrics along with my 
vintage sheet collection! 

I am sure you recognize the pattern but on the border
I made it slightly wavy  to give it a little bit of

But most of my focus over the weekend was getting ready for a baby shower

for my son and his wife.
We are all patiently waiting for the arrival of
their sweet little boy!

 These will be put in a box to Adopt-A-Monster.
I think you can tell what the theme of the party is?
I will share more photos when it all comes together...
so you get the full impact!! 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Farm Girl Vintage Friday

This is what else I have been doing this week...

I made a couple of barns for my Farm Girl Vintage

And a couple of Silo blocks also!

Yikes... sorry for the blur!

And then I made some tree blocks.

I think it is possible that this quilt will get done this year!

I am glad I waited though, because I saw somebody's FGV quilt and
it inspired me to continue on and her layout was amazing also.
(I pinned in on my Bee In My Bonnet board on Pinterest)

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pink Soccer Balls and Pam Kitty Morning!

Evie is 4 now and is playing soccer!
It is too much fun!
It also brings back memories when her dad 
and her uncles use to play soccer on the same field.
Oh goodness... I have missed being on the sidelines!

What is even more fun is that my kids are on
 the sidelines along with the hubs and me.

That is just what you do on Saturday mornings, right?

I made one of these cute Zakka sewing caddy's.
They are addictive!

I am suing my PKM stash...
I have been hoarding these fabrics for a long time...
but I am glad that they are being used...

I had a painters drop cloth that I washed the heck out of
and used up a bottle of fabric softener as well.

It came out like linen... well not just like linen...
but it has great texture and softness. 

I love it!

I also have a start on my Nana and Company
little pillow. 

I plan on making a couple... or a dozen...
of these! Well, a couple to start with anyway!

I will embroider...
You are my Sunshine, My only sunshine on it 
for Elsea

and on Evie's I will be adding  I love you a bushel and a peck.

"their songs"!

I have been doing some serious catching up on 
my Farm Girl Vintage also.

I will be back to show more tomorrow!

Have a good evening!

Friday, September 23, 2016

First Weekend of Fall Ahead!

Image result for the pattern basket pumpkin seeds quilt

I have a new 
layer cake of Chestnut Street that 
is calling to me... 
so how could I resist this 
cute Pumpkin Seeds 
pattern by The Pattern Basket?
I have been watching these pumpkins pop up on 
Instagram over the past 
week or so and I love each and
every one of them!

I have big plans on playing in the 
sewing room over the weekend...
however, I also feel a cold coming on...
my plans might get derailed.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will
not succumb to it!

I also had a little bit of trouble 
when the announcement 
came for new
programs; 2017 edition!

(photo borrowed from Fig Tree & Co.)

I signed up for Nantucket.
I only allowed myself 
one new BOM because, well, I 
still have the two 
I am doing this year to catch up on!

I hope you have fun plans for the weekend...
it's the first weekend of Fall!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

First Day of Fall: Show and Tell

I had family come up for a visit last week...
consequently, there was a cleaning and shopping to do 
beforehand and the fun and activities that come 
with having a house guest.
I took time off from work so I could really 
enjoy the visit!

However, none of those activities 
have allowed me to step one foot inside
my sewing room!
But now
 I think I have recovered...
and I am thinking 
about fall!

Today, I thought I could at least
 share a few quilts of Autumn Past!

Of course that includes Fig Tree & Co. because 
Fig Tree and Fall just seem to go together!

Then there was this fun fall quilt I made last year...
The fabric is Sweet As Honey and there is a video of the 
pattern here.

Here is another, slightly different kind of
 Autumn quilt I made...
I think it was the year before last. 

I am way behind on quilt these!!!

Happy first day of Fall!