Thursday, April 16, 2015

Something in the Tulip Patch

I have been working on my tulip garden this week.
But then this little girl arrived...

This is Elsea Reese. 
She is Evelyn's little sister!
( grand daughter #2 for me)!

It was a mad rush to the hospital... she was born one minute after
entering through the doors!
Total time of labor= 2 hours.
My son and DIL will not forget that ride soon!

This was such a fun pattern to work on.

I had been in a little bit of a slump.

But Vintage Tulips was just what I needed.
Thimble Blossoms has a new line of fabric coming
out called Hello Darling (I think) that she uses 
with this pattern... but I couldn't wait.

Pam Kitty Morning fabric is always good to use right?

Friday, April 10, 2015

Tulips and Wheelbarrows

I think my plan will be to "divide and conquer" this weekend!

I mentioned the list of baby things I 
need to make for my DIL in my last post.
But I have a project I am working on still...

I have been working on my Vintage Tulips by Thimble Blossoms
 this week...
and I am hoping to start the alternate block
over the weekend...
 between the other things going on.

It's just so darn cute... I want to get it closer to the finish line!

I will, at the very least, pick out fabrics so I can start playing 
with Farm Girl Vintage in my mind!

This was a pattern that came with my book that I had pre-ordered...

Which is a fun little project in itself! 

I know you have seen lots of photos of the cover to
Farm Girl Vintage...

So I thought I would share the back cover to Lori Holt's book.

Nothing is better than a stack of quilts... and 
in a cute wheelbarrow... well, it is just about enough to make me squeal!

Do you think my DH will mind if I painted his wheelbarrow mint green?
Pink?  Yellow?
I gotta say, 
I look at wheelbarrows in a whole new way now!

An added thought... 
maybe I should really plant some flowers this weekend too!
Have you started gardening yet?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Baby Things

We are on count down now of less than two weeks...
for the arrival of our next grand baby!

This time it's a girl!
Evelyn will have a baby sister!

So, my Pinterest page of baby things is growing bigger!

Including some requests from my DIL.

You can never have too many of these... or
an extra one or two bobby covers either!

I'm not sure of the plus or minuses on the next project but

it was requested... and so... it's on the .list!

(My Lori Holt Canning Jars might have to wait)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Gardens, Tulips... and a Bit of Vintage

Temptation was just too much!

This is a little something I have been lusting over since Fall Market.
I spied it in the Moda booth... via photos.
It is going to be released this month so I reserved a kit... easy peasie!
 I am excited to 
have a modern version of the
vintage  Dresden Plate project to play with. I think
they are my favorite block... right after Stars, and Flying Geese...
well maybe in my top 5 anyway!

Have you ordered Farm Girl Vintage?
Mine should be in my mailbox by the time I get home tonight!
I saw that there will be a quilt along every Friday starting in May.

Lori always has something fun up her sleeve! 
I am looking forward to playing with
this book.

Right now I am working on  Vintage Tulips by Thimble Blossoms.
Yes, I see I have a pattern of  being
 drawn to all things "vintage"!
That's a good thing right?

I dove into my Pam Kitty Morning fabric collection
 to use
with this pattern.

I don't think there will be much free time to sew this 
weekend but I am going to try to play a little!

I hope you have a safe and happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Little Bites Parade: Sample aka ode to Carrie

First of all, I have to let you know that Sherri will not be able to
post her half of the parade today. So you will be getting a 
little parade here today and something to look forward to tomorrow!

I am going to go rogue here and tell you the next project I am choosing for us...
oh um no... I can't pick a project on my own... you have to wait... so sorry!

Okay... now,
let's start the parade!

Little Bites Quilt Pattern from Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. This is a sampler quilt that uses mini charm packs

A Sampler is one thing... but a mini Sampler??
Isn't that a little above and beyond for
an average quilter like me?
That's what I told myself when I first saw this pattern...
I have to confess....

I loved making every single block of this Little Bites
I was so happy to be reading one of Carrie's patterns again...
she always writes her directions as though she is sitting right there
with you... 
it was much like having an old friend over to sew a project together.

I thought I was going to make the alternate version... but once I got started...
I had to try them all!
Like a box of chocolates!

We have a nice assortment of Sample so I hope you enjoy the
rest of the parade!

Patty at A Stitch in Time blog made this gorgeous version of Sample.
Once again she did her spiral quilting... that looks fabulous!
Patty has a little tutorial on her blog on how to do the quilting...
I recommend having a look at it. I know I feel brave enough to 
try it out now!

I fell in love with this version of Sample by Cathy R. when I saw it!
The border is so, SO cute!
The cornerstones bring it all together perfectly!
Cathy had just returned to blogging and has a new blog you might
enjoy.... Sew Pieceful

This one if from Dorothy at Paws for Stitching blog.
I love the pink and grey!
She is going to leave her mini Sampler as an 
octagon shape as pictured here.
It fits perfectly on her table... a nice bonus!

Here we have a little Sample with a pop of pink made by Lynn
in New Zealand! It's just as cute as can be.

Lynn had so much fun with this pattern that she
made another...

One is just as adorable as the other one!
Lynn is a new blogger... so be sure to stop by her blog and give her 
some love!

This wonderfully sweet little Sample was made by Mary,
at Needled Mom blog. 
It is adorable, don't you think?

Here Nancy made her Little Bites Sample bold!
It is so dramatic with the straight set and the sharp contrast in colors!

Polly from Aunt Polly's Porch made a spicy version of Sample!
She always gives her project a little punch of pizazz!

This Sample was created by Susan! It is so peaceful
to look at... I wonder,
 is it the colors she used or a reflection of the 
quilter herself?

Be sure to visit tomorrow at A Quilting Life for 
more of Sample!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Days Ahead

Well, this is the end... of last week.
But where do I start?

Last Monday... just before bed... a normal day turned into something
quite different.

If you know me at all, you know I am quite versed in all things medical,
 at least as relating to my DH.
All of a sudden my poor man was in agonizing pain and it wasn't but a heartbeat
after I saw that his leg was completely white that I called 911.
They came, and scooped him up and took him to ER.
One of my son's  joined me for the trip and we arrived at the hospital
shortly after. 
DH had a blood clot that was blocking his artery to his leg.

I never imagined what that meant.

NEVER would I have thought I would hear:
 "if plan A doesn't work, we will have to amputate your leg".

Are you kidding me?
Instead of a rock and a hard place it was a clot and a hard place.

I am so very happy to share that plan A worked.
(even though a return to plan B was in effect until X hours after the surgery)

So the week went by... and by the weekend I was bringing that brave man home!
The photo above was of some much needed retail therapy...
I am thinking of it as my shot in the arm.

I'm sure you would understand.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Quilting Group Porjects

Did you celebrate National Quilting Day?
I did find time to play in the sewing room on Saturday... and
a little bit on Sunday too!
The project above is a pattern by Carrie Nelson that we
are working on this month in the AYOS group.

I am super excited to get this quilt put together. 
My focus this weekend was to work on my Bees Knees
quilts. I have 3 unfinished quilts as a result of being
The one above is my current project.
I still have blocks coming back to me, so this quilt will 
grow more! 
I love the look of it so far though! 

This was a result of my first year in the Bees Knees.
Everyone made the wheel blocks for me.
But from there I was suppose to make them into octagon shape...
and then into squares. I know! It's scary just to think about it!
So I have put it off for quite a long time!
Nerve wraking! 
But... since it was National Quilting Day... I got braved and
attempted it!
I think it's working too!!! 
I think I will be playing with this one throughout this week.
I will share my progress!
(this quilt is one I saw first at Hyacinth Blog)

This is another one that I did along with my Bees Knees group.
I only had the blocks half way sewn together. I kept thinking I was going to make
it larger. But after looking at it I figured it was just fine the size it
is. So, I sewed the rest of the blocks together. 
It was a pattern from Moda Bake Shop. I think it's called
Starry-eyed. I love the Countdown Til Christmas fabric that
the original was made in but since I embarked on this journey
long after that fabric was available my fabric choice was this
group by Aneela Hoey.

Now, this is a photo depicting my lunch hour today.
It made for a nice break in the day.

I think this is how I will spend my lunch time everyday this week!